The Noise People

Our Soft dB Adaptive Sound Masking System provides a solution for –

1. Speech Privacy

In some cases, enclosed rooms don’t necessarily guarantee that your private conversations stay confidential. Sound Masking addresses this concern and prevents your sensitive conversations from being heard outside the room.

Not only does sound masking address speech privacy in enclosed rooms, it also provides better speech privacy for large open office areas. Noise in an open office is a constant distraction and hindrance to productivity in the workplace.

Chatter from nearby desks can get annoying and interrupt your workflow. By implementing our adaptive sound masking system, you’ll never have to worry about being distracted by the conversations happening around you.

2. Acoustic Comfort

In some cases, when the background noise is too low/too quiet, occupants may find being in the space uncomfortable. Sound masking brings up the background noise level to a suitable level so that occupants feel more at ease.

Noise is one of the factors that affect a patient’s ability to rest in a hospital room. Beeping noises from hospital equipments and conversations between nurses and other occupants can affect sleep.

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Take a look at Soft dB’s Adaptive Sound Masking System in the video below.

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